Some of the industries we proudly serve


A wide variety of appliance manufacturers is now part of our strong market participation. We are proudly helping them build equipment and tools that are part of today's technology in homes, commerce and offices.

Our appliance product line manufacturing takes about 40% of our work force, delivering time after time the finest components right on time.


Our industrial product segment is serving now many different sectors within the field. 

We are now manufacturing components, parts and products that will serve many other industrial applications.

All of them require reliability and affordability in order to stay in the top of mind market niche.

Platiexports is helping our customers to achieve this goal.

Building & Construction

Building and construction market is the fastest growing in our industry. Technology improvements are allowing to introduce plastic materials that years ago were out of this field completely.

Important features such as recycling, light weight materials, non-decaying attributes among many others are allowing the plastic injection sector to be much more participative than before.

Some of the products we manufacture


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