PLASTIEXPORTS acquired all of is experience in the custom injection molding business from Duscan S.A de C.V., a company formed in January 1984, which started as a toy manufacturer to export toys to the United States and Central America.


Over the years, from 1984 until the present, we have expanded our business from a toy manufacturer to a leader in the Custom Injection Molding business.


Our company changed its focus starting in 1996 and especially from 1997, when Mexico opened its market to direct foreign investors, we concluded that in order to participate in the expanding world market, it was necessary to modernize our equipment and become an ISO certified company. Today, our company operates from a 132,000 Sq. ft. plant, that was inaugurated in mid January 2001.


During the development of the company, we concluded that in order to offer a potential customer complete service, it was necessary to incorporate a tool shop wherein we could maintain our tools and build new tools for the injection molding industry. Today the company manufactures an average of 20-30 new tools per annum.


At December 31, 2012, over 90% of our total net sales are export sales, including the fabrication of molds, and we project to be exporting close to 95% of our total net sales during 2013.


It should be noted that all of our sales are denominated in U. S. dollars, thus, any fluctuation of the Mexican currency has little effect, if any, on our operating results.