Our Company

We are strongly ruled by permanent beliefs in our work environment. Everything we do is crafted by one clear vision, forged together from these essential basics:

Meaning of


We are committed to be the leader in the Custom Injection Molding Market, and in order to achieve that level and to maintain it, we manufacture components and products of the highest quality that surpasses the expectation of our clients.


Our greatest resource is our people working together as a cohesive force. This is the main weapon against our competitors, and once we achieve this cohesive force working as a unit, there is no place for spectators, and this is proven by the type of customers we now serve.


We emphasize continuous improvement in our processes, products and service. We strive to achieve a zero level of reject within our operation, and by doing the job the right way the first time, coupled with the practice of zero reject, we surpass the expectation of our customers.

Sense of responsibility

We approach business with an aggressive attitude, from the beginning of a project until the very end. We make it easy for our customers to do business with us, by fulfilling that which they request. Once we receive an order from a customer, we ensure that there is no need for them to call us to ask for delivery. The issue of delivery is stated upon receipt of the Purchase Order.